May 21, 2024
iPhone Battery Repair
iPhone Battery Repair

Not all repair shops are created equal. The phone above came into one of our stores for a screen repair. They told us they had the battery replaced a while back by another company. Once we opened the device, we saw a huge red flag. Missing is the motherboard plate that covers all those flex cable connectors. In its place, a piece of scotch tape. That plate screws in to keep those connectors from coming unplugged or to keep them from getting damaged when there is an accident.

Most repair stores follow industry standard repair procedures and produce high quality repairs. But there are some outliers that try to perform repairs with cheap parts and as fast as possible. So here some things to look for when deciding where to get your devices repaired.

  1. A warranty – Do they have one? How long is it? Is it visible in store and can you get a copy? What does it cover?
  2. Is the quoted price a lot cheaper than most other places you’ve asked? Is the quoted time much faster than most other places?
  3. How long have they been in business?
  4. Do they have a legitimate website and social media profiles?
  5. Are they willing to talk to you about the quality of parts they use and explain the repair process?
  6. Do they hold any certifications?
  7. Reviews – Google is the gold standard. Are they over 4.5 stars on Google? Do they have 100 or more reviews?

These are just some easy ways to help you decide which store is the best for your device repair. At Phone Doctors, not only do we pride ourselves on our quality of parts, workmanship, and warranty, we also strive to provide a great experience for every customer. So if you have have questions about your device or a repair, we are always here to help. Even if you got your device repaired somewhere else!

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