July 15, 2024

The short answer is yes, absolutely, and there are a few things that are worth the explanation of why it’s a quick yes… 

PHONE DOCTORS® has been in the retail phone repair business for 19 years and has seen first hand the amazing evolution of what phones have become over that time.  Over the last 11 years Apple’s iPhone has dominated the leaderboard position for top repair spot at PHONEDOCTORS repair stores, swallowing up to 70% off all repairs brought in for repair service.  One repair after another and 10 locations to testify, PHONE DOCTORS has logged more than 150,000 successful iPhone repairs. 

The iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular phone in the world for 11 years running and more than 1 billion iPhones sold since 2007.  It is also undoubtedly the most popular model for repairs at repair shops like PHONE DOCTORS.  With this enormous popularity the need for repair services is evident especially when the average person looks at their mobile device more than 175 times per day.

“Statistics show that roughly 30% of iPhone users will experience a broken iPhone within 12 months and 50% of 1st time breakers, will repeat the accident.”

Now, Apple will tell you not to repair your device at a 3rd party repair shops like PHONE DOCTORS, but our question is why?

Apple knows how big the repair market is and they want to control all of it so they can reach a valuation of 2 trillion dollars.  The fact of the matter is 3rd party repair shops were repairing iPhones before Apple even started repairing them, which leads me back to the previous sentence.  The best way to control a customer is to put a personal device in their hands and remind them not to go to any 3rd party repair shop when your updating your phone and only bring it to them.

There is a disconnect where Apple doesn’t want to share their IP for the parts market, which in turn opens up innovative ways to copy the technology and produce aftermarket screens of all different types and qualities, which can cause problems.  However when you are sourcing products that are of highest grade materials that produce screens.  Apple sources many suppliers in order to build their screens and aftermarket suppliers can source the same materials from the same factories that Apple uses in order to build their screens. Essentially all screens are capable of working, its in the materials that determines cost, quality, and performance.

With over 150,000 successful iPhone repairs performed by PHONEDOCTORS alone and hundreds of millions of other successful repairs at other 3rd party repair shops world-wide, we see 3rd party as helping Apple become who they are by helping refurbishing Apple customers broken devices for years before they did and keeping customers happy with their products. We place great emphasis on our customer experience and quality products is a pillar in our foundation as a company. We can serve most customers for less money, more convenience, and warranty the screen repair service for for the lifetime of the screen.

For more info, check out our repair stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, & Edmond, OK, and Fayetteville & Fort Smith, AR. Or drop us a line through our website www.thephonedoctors.com. We can repair your iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Computer, or any other device!

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