July 15, 2024

Unfortunately, one of the hardest parts of our job in the repair industry is to explain the dreaded “Unknown Parts” message we get when we repair iPhones.

With the introduction of iOS 15 in 2021, when we repair or replace certain parts on iPhone 11s or newer, a notification pops up on the customer’s device letting them know the phone couldn’t verify if the new part was a genuine Apple part.

For full transparency, when available, we prefer to us genuine Apple parts. However, Apple does not make these parts readily available for 3rd party repair shops like ours. To even complicate matters more, even when we use genuine Apple parts, the message will still show up! How can this be???

When Apple manufactures a device, they serialize most of the main components to match up to the phone’s motherboard. So if we took 2 iPhone 15s brand new out of the box and swapped their screens with each other, both phones would show that Unknown Parts message. The message does go away on its own after several weeks, but when running a diagnostic scan on the device, it will still show it’s an unknown part. Only Apple stores have the ability to recalibrate the screen to remove this message.

The parts that are serialized now are the screen, battery, rear cameras, and front camera. Thankfully Apple is reportedly working on a calibration tool for iPhone end users and 3rd party repair shops that could help us perform this recalibration to remove this message.

We do our best to let our customers know upfront about this message and what it means. Our locations will have notices on the front counter with this same information so we can maintain that transparency that our customers have come to rely on. For more information you can contact us online or call or visit one of our many locations in Tulsa, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith!


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